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Special food for your special ferret

Not everyone has a ferret for a pet, so you may find it difficult to find suitable food for this most special of animals.


Ferrets are 'obligate carnivores', which means that they have evolved to derive nutrition from meats. As such, they are unable to absorb nutrients from any kind of plant matter. In short, they need meat to survive.


Whilst they can be fed on high-grade cat foods, ferrets really need a special food that is high in protein and fat, but low in fibre.

Providing the ideal ferret food

We can provide you with specially tailored ferret food that meets all their dietary requirements. With the proper ferret food, your pet ferret will enjoy the maximum benefit out of each meal you give them. Read more about our wild bird food, cat food, dog food & biscuit treats by clicking the links.

Our high quality ferret food includes

•  High levels of proteins

•  Requisite levels of fats

•  Low levels of carbohydrates

Special pets are our speciality

We don't only cater to the needs of your more exotic pets, such as ferrets. We also provide a wide range of cat foods and dog foods, as well as food for attracting wild birds to your garden.

Don't take chances with your pet ferret's health. Give them the best food available by ordering from Alpha Ferret Feast from Pets Direct.

Give your ferret the diet it needs to thrive with our specialist ferret food.

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a ferret side view of a ferret


Alpha Ferret Feast with 36% Protein

10 Kilo Bags    £21.50

a large bag of Ferret Feast