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Dog Biscuit Treats

We know that as a dog lover you want the best food for your pet but don't want to pay premium prices. At Pets Direct you don't have to.


Whether your dog simply needs regular, healthy meals and treats, or has special dietary requirements, we offer a range of complete dog food solutions that combine high quality with low cost, proving that you can give your pet the best without breaking the bank.


Whatever dog food is best for your canine companion, we can provide it.

Biscuit Selection - Shapes

1 Kilo Bag £2.70

5 Kilos (1/2 Box) £11.50

10 Kilo Box £21.50

Plain Large Bonibix (Bone Shaped)

Ensure your dog is dining on the best food for their continual good health.

Order from Pets Direct.

Call 01228 560 359 for a wide range of quality dog food supplied from our base in Carlisle.

Gravy Bones - Chicken Flavour

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1 Kilo Bag £3.50

5 Kilos (1/2 Box) £14.50

10 Kilo Box £27.50

1 Kilo Bag £4.00

5 Kilos (1/2 Box) £15.50

10 Kilo Box £29.00